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What We Do

For years, M.C. Velar has diligently listened to our clients’ needs. Whether you require formwork or a comprehensive turn-key structure, M.C. Velar excels in delivering the following concrete structural systems:

M.C. Velar extends an array of preconstruction services. Our in-house experts establish open lines of communication with clients early and consistently throughout the design process to facilitate proper planning, scheduling, and budgeting for each project. Our objective is simple: assist our clients in constructing a high-performance concrete structure on time and within budget.
Our preconstruction services encompass:
M.C. Velar boasts an experienced team of Project Managers and Superintendents who engage from the early preconstruction stages and remain involved until the final concrete pour. This seamless approach guarantees that valuable information is seamlessly transferred from the preconstruction phase to the construction phase of the project.
Our construction team is devoted to delivering the following services:
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